AARC vs CRC Food Drive

Our friends at Columbus Running Company claim their running community can out food drive Ann Arbor’s running community. The Ann Arbor Running Co. vs Columbus Running Co. FOOD DRIVE begins tomorrow 11/18 and runs until Saturday 11/25. Please bring us as many cans as humanly possible. We would really like to not lose to ohio state fans. Non-perishable items will be donated to Food Gathers. Go Blue!

Pilates for Runners Class

MOVE Wellness’s Pilates for Runners at A2RC – Kerrytown (200 N. Fourth, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) is a 6-week class that begins Wednesday, November 15th at 5:30pm. Runners face particular challenges in terms of posture and movement patterning and have very specific demands placed on their bodies. Use this class for cross-training and conditioning to support these needs. Register at… http://bit.ly/2ipC7kT

GTCC Speedgolf Contest

Guess Nick’s most recent speedgolf score and win a free entry into GTCC Speedgolf on Sunday 10/29. A speedgolf score is a combination of a speedgolfer’s time and golf score. You can take a total of 4 guesses. (Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE, and Strava HERE) and we will take the closest guess that doesn’t go over.

Some clues…

  • Nick is a better runner than golfer.
  • Nick played with a 3 iron.
  • Nick wore Hoka Cliftons and an A2RC hat.
  • GTCC is a par 3 course.
  • Sand traps are evil.
  • Nick’s first attempt at speedgolf was 12:15 + 52 = 64.15