4 Things

4 things for 2016

At Ann Arbor Running Company we take pride in carrying the absolute best products on the market and the ones that can truly help runners. We’ve run thousands of miles, competed in hundreds of races and have dealt with everything running can throw at you. Here are 4 products, in no particular order that can have a positive impact on your running life!

  1. DIFFERENT RUNNING SHOES. If you have run in “traditional” running shoes for years, adding in a new shoe to your rotation will help make you a more durable runner because you will be developing/stressing your muscles and tendons differently. Hoka One One is a maximal cushion shoe built on a slightly different midsole that will stress your legs and body in a new way. Another option to consider is a more natural/minimal running shoe. Topo and Altra are two great natural/minimal options that we carry. When introducing a new shoe into your rotation, ease into the shoe to let your body adapt.
  2. HEART RATE. The new Garmin 235 features a wrist based heart rate monitor. No more heart rate straps! Have you ever trained using heart rate? You don’t have to switch to basing workouts on heart rate for life… it’s just a good change of stimulus to add into your training. A couple times a month do a workout based on HR or train with HR for a few months during your base training.
  3. DETERGENT FOR PERFORMANCE FABRICS. Standard laundry detergent was not made to effectively wash technical fabrics and tend to clog up the pores of running clothes. Nathan Sports Wash is designed to clean your running clothes and not clog up the pores of the breathable fabric. Your running gear will perform better if the pores are not clogged and they will also stink less. A win-win!
  4. COMPRESSION SOCKS. They are not going to shave 10 minutes off your marathon time, but CEP Compression socks will help you feel better during and after your runs. Every time your foot hits the ground there is a slight vibration that occurs within the muscles. The compression of the socks helps to reduce this vibration, which puts less stress on your muscles. The compression of the socks also helps with circulation, getting fresh oxygen to your working muscles.