Boston Zero Runner


We love hearing about people’s success using Octane Fitness’s Zero Runner to help them reach their running goals. Judy ran the 2016 Boston Marathon and to get to the starting line in tip-top shape, the Zero Runner played a major part in her training. Judy used a 14-week training program that incorporated using the Zero Runner to replace some of her outdoor running miles and to also increase her overall volume of training.

Judy posted a qualifying time at Boston this year as a 60 year old. Only 16% of all runners ran qualifying times at this year’s Boston, as the warmer temps caused issues for a lot of runners. This was Judy’s 5th Boston, covering 3 decades, and the first time that she posted a qualifying time at Boston! She was able to increase her total mileage by 61% during her training, yet decrease her total road mileage as she made up for it by using the Zero Runner.

Here are Judy’s stats compared to her 2014 Boston Marathon which was the last Boston she had run. She used 2014 as the weather conditions were similar, except this year it was a bit warmer and a head wind instead of a tail wind.

  • 2014: Clear & Sunny. Temp @ start: 50. Hi for the Day: 63. Winds: WSW @ 10mph (tail wind)
  • 2016: Clear & Sunny. Temp @ start: 67. Hi for the Day: 71. Winds: ENE @ 8mph (head wind)
  • 2014: Age 58. Finish Time: 4:29.21 (10:17/mile)
  • 2016: Age 60. Finish Time: 4:21.57 (9:59/mile)

Judy’s 2016 Training

  • 2014: Total miles over a 14 week program: 356. (For 2013 Boston her total training mileage was 346)
  • 2016: Total miles over a 14 week program: 578. (Total road miles were 316, Zero Runner miles 264) *45.6% of total miles were run on the Zero Runner. Actual road miles were less than she had run in her previous 2 Boston marathon training programs.

She was able to increase her total mileage by 61% because of the zero impact miles of the Zero Runner. That kind of mile increase would not have been possible without injury if those miles were all done on the road. The Zero Runner also helped improve her form and increased her efficiency which helped her negotiate the warmer conditions for the day.

Keep up the good work Judy and thanks for sharing your inspiring Zero Runner story!