MiPR Study

The Michigan Performance Research Lab is looking for a few runners for a new study. They are looking for healthy (injury-free for at least 6 months) individuals who are training to run a full or half-marathon or plan to start training within the next 2 months. Ideally, we are looking for both experienced racers and those runners where this will be their first full- or half-marathon race.

The study will take place on the University of Michigan campus in the Michigan Performance Research Lab located in the Central Campus Recreational Building. Runners will perform a 5-km (~3.1 miles) time trial at their self-selected pace. They will also be asked to complete a short 2-minute online survey after every training run.

For participating in the study, runners will receive 1) a report summarizing their basic running dynamics, 2) heart rate training zones based off 5-km test, and 3) a $50 Visa gift card.

If are interested please contact miprresearch@umich.edu for more information about how to get involved!


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