Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball

Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball ($9.99)

“Massage Relief for Tired Achy Feet & Hands”, uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques to apply pressure to relax muscles, reduce tension and increase circulation.  Simply roll under foot or over hands and the numerous stimulating fingers of the Spiky Ball will provide soothing relief for sore muscles and stimulate circulation.

  1. Firm massage ball provides deep tissue massage.
  2. Outer layer offers stimulating effect, increasing circulation.
  3. Excellent tool for preventing & relieving plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Technique: use for at least 5 minutes a day on each foot.

  • Roll outside of foot (longitudinally)- 1 minute
  • Roll medial arch (longitudinally)- 1 minute
  • Roll forefoot and toes (across the foot)- 1 minute
  • Roll heel (circularly)- 1 minute
  • Spend 1 minute extra on areas that have the most discomfort or fatigue.

Control depth of massage by applied pressure. Better control when used on thicker rug/carpet or towel.


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