Tuesdays 6am at AARC Oak Valley

SIGN UP HERE – $75.00

Running Base Camp is an 8-week class designed for runners to help improve health, strength, form, and speed. Running is fun but it does a lot of wear and tear on the body! Sadly, 82% of runners get injured each year. However, by adding strength training (pre-hab) into your routine, you will build a stronger frame that is well balanced and less likely to become injured by including purposeful exercises to benefit your running.

The exercises in Running Base Camp will help the runner…..

  • Improve stability through balancing exercises
  • increase range of motion through dynamic stretching
  • Improve muscle endurance through conditioning exercises
  • Improve your postural stability which will help you hold your form during a long run or workout through core exercises

Spring Running Base Camp: 5/9/17 to 6/27/17

Fall Running Base Camp: TBA

Includes: Facebook Accountability Group & Suggested Strength Training plan during base phase of training for a race.

Running Base Camp is presented by Kaylin Russeau Fitness. Additional personal training services can be found at www.kaylinrusseaufitness.com/personal-training