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The Tweener hat blurs and crosses the lines beTWEEN our top selling Technical Trucker hat and a Run hat.  You wanted a ‘cooler’ more on trend run hat that wasn’t a trucker hat and we were up to the challenge.  This is a pretty bitchin hat…. The Tweener has two super cool features.  First- a totally moldable bill….yep so although it comes flat, you can bend and shape this sucker so that is stays curved.  We run tested this bad boy with our “ultra” guys,  and one reason they loved this hat was because when you wear it backwards, the bill will bend so it doesn’t chafe the back of your neck.  Second killer feature- the back section is our lightweight wicking woven fabric but fully laser cut.  Helps with weight, breath-ability and is super soft.  The front two panels have a soft stiffener, and bonus…the front panels also have wicking mesh. This is the pinnacle of Technical Running Headwear….it’s super lightweight, looks cool, has an adjustable velcro back closure and will show you are part of the crowd that sets the trends.

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