Brooks Ghost 15 Review


At this point, my feet have seen a lot of different shoes. From that awkward Vibram Five-Finger phase to my first pair of carbon-plated race shoes, they've been around the block…But I’ll tell you, it’s nice to be back running with a classic like the Brooks Ghost.

Wearing the Ghost reminds me of a simpler time. I’ve always been big on being outside, so when the post-college blues hit, I hit the pavement. The Ghost was one of the first true running shoes I’d ever owned, as many affectionately call it the ‘gateway’ running shoe. First thing anyone will tell you is it's known for a ‘balanced’ approach, meaning it goes just as hard at Trader Joe’s as it does on your Sunday long run. But seriously, a ‘balanced’ shoe places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact form throughout your run. Shout out to my fellow heel strikers: you will take solace in this setup. 


I’ve put about 75 miles on this shoe since acquisition but one date around the spectacular Maybury State Park made me fall in like. Starting off in historic downtown Northville, if you need a meeting spot before or after a run please entertain the idea of stopping into Tuscan Cafe. The 6.5 mile route wanders through neighborhoods, dirt roads, running paths, a boardwalk or two, and a spectacular pond home to two, somewhat friendly swans. 

I like to test out a shoe on a few different surfaces given my previously mentioned strong belief that running should always leave room for exploration. Right now it’s all easy miles for me, and the Ghost helped me keep the run in check, offering a Laz-Boy like experience. Additionally, I have rather short and wide feet which give Bilbo Baggins a run for his money, and the shoe fit well and from day one. Zero blisters. My body felt great after this run and even better once I had a cortado and chocolate croissant. 

Final thoughts: I’ll use this as my bread and butter mileage trainers. Full disclosure, I do not like to run fast unless I have to run fast so this shoe suits me well when I only want to go one speed.  I’d recommend this to someone lacing up as they get back into running, as well as seasoned vets looking to add a pontoon boat smooth ride into the rotation.

Like training, consistency is key and no shoe has been more consistent over the years than the Ghost. In a world obsessed with carbon plates and lightweight fabrics, it’s easy to forget we don’t need fancy, we just need functional.

Head over to one of the Ann Arbor Running Company locations or shop online (I hear they have some cool local delivery options) to get into the right shoe today! 

Fun Fact: Brooks introduced the Ghost in 2008. At the time, the director of product management was known for doing all his running workouts at night — and was therefore nicknamed "the Ghost," which eventually became the shoe's name! 

About me: My name is Connor Grant and I love being outside. From running, to cycling, to skiing and everything in between, I consider myself a lifelong athlete always on the hunt for the next great adventure. When I’m not scheming new experiences, I love building community and using what I know to help others get stoked on their passions. When I’m not sweating, I’m commonly found at your local pizza shop.