Running in the Heat: Taking Summer Running In Stride

Running in the Heat: Taking Summer Running In Stride

Many runners prefer running in the cool mornings of spring or fall compared to running in the heat of peak summer. Still, the long days and sunshine make summer running worth the extra preparation it takes to be safe and hydrated. Tackle your summing running confidently; check out our tips for running in the heat – and enjoy it!

How To Run Better In The Heat

While some athletes seem to thrive in hot and humid conditions, most runners need to think their summer workouts through a bit more. Finding a balance between avoid the hottest parts of the day and preparing your body to handle the conditions is a learning process.

Adjust Your Training – On especially hot days, avoid the heat. Don’t do your longer runs or intense intervals in the middle of the day when temperatures peak. Whenever possible, schedule long runs early in the day or later in the evening.

Hydrate Before, During, and After – Proper hydration starts the moment you wake up. Drink consistently throughout the day to ensure proper hydration levels. Consider drinking a sports drink or electrolyte drink roughly 60 minutes before your run. Bring water with you for any run longer than 30 minutes.

Gimme Shelter – Plan your runs to make the most of shaded areas. Asphalt streets, especially those without any tree cover, can be substantially hotter than shaded or grassy areas. Trail running can be a great way to avoid the radiating heat of the pavement.

Acclimatize To Hot Weather – Your first few workouts in the heat may be tough, but they’re an important part of introducing your body to warm conditions. Start with shorter and easier runs and monitor your heart rate. Soon, your body will adjust to the heat. 

Is It Good To Run In The Heat?

Many studies have shown that running in hot temperatures two to three times a week can offer some perks. The benefits of running in the heat include:

  • Lower core temperatures at the onset of sweating
  • Decreased heart rate (in activity and resting heart rate)
  • Improved aerobic efficiency
  • Yes, you can run in 90 degree weather, but plan and adjust accordingly.

Take Summer In Stride With Ann Arbor Running Company

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