THE RUN 2022

THE RUN is considered by most the greatest shared tradition in Michigan ohio history, where the Ann Arbor Running Company & the columbus running company go head to head to see who is the greatest running community around. This year we will be raising $$$ for Rock CF Foundation and cystic fibrosis. THE RUN is open to all of our friends regardless of where you live, so sign up today and start racking up those miles so we don't lose and have to wear those nasty ohio colors 🤮 for a day.

How THE RUN works...

  1. Register for Team Ann Arbor HERE. It's free. 
  2. Run or walk as much as you can during the week leading up to The Game - Michigan vs ohio state (Nov 19-25). Log your miles during that same time.
  3. Fundraise locally. Donate during registration and/or use the fundraising portal on this site to go big. Each $ raised helps push our team closer to victory. Hate fundraising? You can opt-out of this piece of the challenge - but your team misses out on easy points!
  4. Wait with bated breath. We're doing something healthy & fundraising, so everyone wins. But one community will earn bragging rights for the year while the other will face shame. We'll announce the victorious team after the big weekend!

Some common FAQs...

  • How does the scoring work? Miles logged and dollars raised weigh heavily so let's get active and start fundraising! 
  • How do I log my miles? You will chart your miles on RunSignUp from Nov 19-25. You can log as many activities during that time period, so plan a big week (safely) and let's get out there! Learn more HERE.
  • How do I fundraise? You can make a donation during registration plus you can optionally set up a fundraising page to collect donations from others.
  • Who can take part? Anyone that loves beating up on ohio state fans! Sign up today HERE.

What about PRIZES...

With 6 big individual prizes on the line, it's time to step up to the challenge! We'll award prizes to one runner or walker from Team Ann Arbor and team columbus based on:

  • Most mileage logged
  • Most dollars raised
  • And random drawing!

The winning community earns a HOKA trophy while the losing running store's staff has to appear in public in opposing team gear AND document the humiliation on social media.

Kick off demo run with HOKA...

Kick off our challenge by joining us for a free HOKA demo run from Ann Arbor Running Company - 209 S Ashley, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • WHERE: AARC Downtown Ann Arbor, MI
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 19th at 7am
  • WHAT: A free group run where you can test run a pair of HOKA shoes
  • DISTANCE: You choose your own distance / all paces welcome!