Spring Energy Koffee

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Flavor: Cold Brew Coffee (Vegan)


Introducing the all-new Spring Energy Gel 20-Pack Koffee, these vegan gels were created with feedback from the world-class runner and Olympian Kara Goucher to supply energy and plenty of calories for any running distance. The cold brew coffee adds a little boost of caffeine, while a balance of natural fat and sweetness helps it go down smooth. Sea salt replaces electrolytes that get lost as you sweat, while its low glycemic index improves digestion so you can avoid unwanted GI issues. Additionally, no added sugar or maltodextrin means you will get sustained energy without spikes or crashes.

  • 50g gels
  • 10-15mg of caffeine per serving from coffee
  • Electrolytes maintain hydration levels
  • Balanced energy from real foods prevent energy spikes
  • No added sugar, maltodextrin, preservatives, or artificial flavors