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SKU: 5001-01

Sizing: ASM men 3-3.5 & women 5-5.5 | A men 4-4.5 & women 6-6.5 | B men 5-5.5 & women 7-7.5 | C men 6-6.5 & women 8-8.5 | D men 7-7.5 & women 9-9.5 | E men 8-8.5 & women 10-10.5 | F men 9-9.5 & women 11-11.5 | G 10-10.5 & women 12 | H men 11-11.5 | I/J men 12-13 | K men 14-15 | L men 16+

The Powerstep Insole that created it all. The Powerstep Original Insole provides an array of features and benefits to you, and is the bases for all the other insoles in the Powerstep line-up. The Powerstep Original Insole enhances your foot stability and relieves foot pain, through its encapsulated design and firm but flexible support shell. The top of the insole offers an anti-microbial fabric that reduces friction and heat to keep your feet cool in those hot summer months. The Powerstep Original has a sleek design allowing it to fit most any shoes you may own while still providing you with a strong and stable insole to support your feet. The Powerstep Original is one of the most popular Insoles on the market.