ProStretch Marble Roller

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Running Recovery - Ann Arbor Running Company

Color: Blue

SKU: 0211

The Marble Massage Roller is designed to remove muscle knots and soreness in the legs, feet, neck, back and arms. The small, lightweight design makes the roller easy and comfortable to hold in the hand. Designed with three marbles that glide over muscles to remove tension and soreness. When used before and after physical exercise, the roller helps to rejuvenate the muscles and help to prevent muscle soreness. The three roller design allows the massager to get deep into the muscles and target the fascia. Unlike traditional rollers, the Marble roller goes deep into the muscle instead of just the surface. The included marble balls are magnetic which aides in improved blood flow and stimulation. This may help prevent muscles strains or other serious injury. The small and lightweight design is easy to store and take on-the-go!

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